Welcome to Tinos, the “handmade island”.

Tinos is one of the unique islands in the Cyclades. The most Greek tourists come to Tinos only to visit the port and the well-known church of Holy Mary. But Tinos is much more than that. Tinos is as beautiful as any other island in the area and it is deeply traditional. The real Tinos is hidden in the inner land and calls you to discover its beautiful, cultural and enjoyable side.

There are 41 spread villages which wait for you to discover their undercover beauty. Their secret is just one: you have to wander the narrow streets in order to feel the aura, to smell the perfumes and be witched by its beauties.

There are beaches for every taste. Quite and isolated for those who seek relaxation and calmness and simultaneously cosmopolitan and crowded beaches for all-day long fun, beach bars with loud music, summer cocktails and games in the deep blue water.

The sports fans can enjoy scuba diving services and surf lessons. All the old paths are mapped and ready to lead you to picturesque landscapes. And for the more adventurous there are organized climbing and bouldering days up to the mountains Exombourgo and rocks of Volax.

Your night life starts with good food, wine and raki (local drink) in all the traditional restaurants (taverns) in Chora. Later, you can enjoy your favourite coffee in the local cafes. At the end of the day you can enjoy your drink after discovering the numerous bars and clubs of the island which offer music and dance till the morning.

For special events that take place as long as you are visiting our island, Porto Vidali’s stuff will inform you in time.

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