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Hikers’ services

Porto Vidali is located just 150 meters from the beginning of the marked T2 route.
Agios Ioannis Porto – Dyo Choria – Agios Sostis – Agios Ioannis Porto
hiking tinos

We offer a variety of outdoor activities to our visitors. Hiking is definitely the best way to discover Tinos.

If you like walking untouched “handmade” paths in the countryside and want to explore the unique landscapes of the island, then Porto Vidali is the best starting point.

We are at your disposal to suggest you the best hiking trails and to provide you with the appropriate information material and auxiliary maps (in printed or electronic form). We have hiking equipment such as backpacks, hiking sticks, raincoats as well as a fully equipped first aid kit.

We can also offer you a healthy lunch in a package to enjoy during the hike. (*)
 When you return from your hike you can wash your shoes and dry your clothes.

If you wish, you can be accompanied by one of the experienced and independent drivers we work with, who will give you a lot of interesting information and will reveal hidden secrets of the routes. The hiking guides we work with are certified by RTI – Rescue Training International to provide first aid. (*)

You can start your day with a nutritious breakfast of local products, which will give you all the energy needed for a hike. (*)

For more information, you can contact the Porto Vidali team.

Porto Vidali has the following facilities for hikers:
  • The staff of our reception is informed about the network of trails of Tinos.
  • We provide daily information related to the weather, public transport, taxis, pharmacies, emergency telephones, tourist attractions in the area (museums, monuments, etc.) and cultural events in the area (festivals, etc.)
  • We have maps with the paths of Tinos and a library with books on the nature and culture of Greece and Tinos.
  • We have handmade hiking poles, first aid kits, hiking backpacks, waterproof covers, drinking water, binoculars.
  • We provide a digital map that works offline for “smart phones”.
  • We provide sunscreen and insect repellents. (*)
  • We provide information on stores that have breakfast suitable for hikers early in the morning and information about the nearest restaurants.
  • We have hot drinks for the warmth of hikers, edible products that give energy and lunch packages from a partner restaurant. (*)
  • We provide transportation to and from public transport, the ability to transport pedestrians from and to the beginning or end of the path and luggage transport service. (*)
  • We provide a guided tour of the trails. (*)
  • We have a special area for drying clothes and storing mountaineering shoes, an external washing machine for washing muddy shoes, and brushes.
  • We have bags for pedestrian waste, foot soothing creams, face and hand hydration, etc., biodegradable detergents for use on hiking.
  • Finally, we have films and documentaries on nature or culture of Tinos.
* Activity with extra charge